Modifiers Part Three

Remember the modifer should be right next to the word that it modifies.

MISPLACED MODIFIERS: Find the misplaced modifiers.

1. The officer left to fight with his troops.

2. I waited for my parents to sit down and eat my breakfast.

3.  Pat is in love with Kelly along with Jamie.

4.  I saw a shark snorkeling.

5.  She could not explain why she wanted to get married to her mother.

6. After letting out a bang, I had to fix the ignition on my car.

7. He begged her not to speak sincerely.

Be especially careful with the words only and not.

1. She only likes me.

2.  All of us are not honest.

3. I drink skim milk only because I am on a diet.

4. Defining your terms clearly strengthens your argument.

5. I told my son when the game was over I would play with him.


Relocate words that come between to and the infinitive form of a verb. (t0 + verb)

1. I tried to quietly exit.

2. He vowed to never leave her.

3. Financial analysts expected the stock prices to after a period of share decline.

4. Try to, if you can get it, see her latest DVD.

5.  He wanted to quietly wait it out after the results were announced..

To be continued…

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