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Writers Wanted: St. Clair College and University of Windsor Students and/or Alumni

September 23, 2010

Do you have a collection of poems or song lyrics that you want to share?

Are you a writer of short stories or prose?

Do you have an excellent essay, report or article that you have written?

October 20, 2010 is National Writing Day and the National Council of Teachers of English is hosting a writing gallery.

I have opened a gallery to showcase excellent work by my University of Windsor and St. Clair College students.

Don’t be bashful. Submit your work. Do it in one upload. The only restrictions is that it must be family rated. That is no vulgarity, explicit sex or prejudice. You can hand in more than one piece – but they have to be grouped together into one document.
The unique URL (web address) for your local gallery is:

Gallery Title: St. Clair College and University of Windsor

Gallery Description: Writing from St Clair College and University of Windsor Students and Alumni:Business Writing samples; Technical Writing Samples; Essays; Poetry, Prose; Song Lyrics; Poetry; Proverbs – all types of writing are wanted! This is the place to showcase your best writing!

NCTE Hosts Gallery of Writing

September 3, 2010

Again this tear the National Council of Teacher’s of English is sponsoring a web gallery to showcase excellent writing. October 20 is the National Day of Writing.

Would you like to host an international Gallery of writing for your students?

It is easy to do – and fun! The students get published on an NCTE website.

The writing can be any type: business, technical, essay, story. prose, poetry, songs etc.

It must be Family rated. (no vulgarity or explicit sex or prejudice)

Here is the link to create your own website.