Aim for an A and obtain it!

For both my St. Clair College and University of Windsor students, this week launched a new semester. Some students have a really demanding schedule – going to school year round taking a full course load. Others are doing just one course so that it will lighten their load in the Fall semester.

Many students must balance school with work. Not many students are independently wealthy. Tuition and books are expensive. Some students are married and have children; even the single students would like to have some type of family and social life. Is it possible to juggle all these things together and be successful in all of them?

YES! You can aim for the high grades and achieve them. Here are some tips to doing your first assignment for me. Although the contexts are different, technical writing or essay writing, the steps are the same.

1. Read the question asked of you and highlight it. Analyze the wording of the question to see if there is more than one part. Understanding what you are doing is really important. If you  do not read all the words in the question, you will not answer completely.

2. Look at the template shown to you. Did you follow it exactly? If it says single space – then single space. If it says double space then double space. Do you have a proper introductory sentence in your cover letter or memo ? Do you have a proper good will close: give thanks (to your proof reader or to your instructor) and give your school email and phone number. If you leave any of this out – you will lose marks.

Put your initials. Are there any enclosures? Remember to copy to file – copy: file

my page would look like this:



Copy: file

3. Do NOT wait until the last minute to hand in your assignment. Get it done early so you can have a chance to proof read it. Leave some time between proof reading and editing. The experts recommend about 3 days – Ms. Legebow realizes that this may not be possible with your schedule – and even 1 hour would make a difference.

4. Get a peer proof read for you. Someone else might catch the errors you do not.

5. Be sure your name and student number is clear on the assignment as well as the course code. If there is a title page for the assignment – follow the template exactly as shown.

Doing these things will give you a good start to aiming for your higher grades and achieving them. Give it your best! Aim for an A and achieve it!

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