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Subject/Verb Agreement Review and Final Practice

October 25, 2011

In our discussion of SUBJECT-VERB agreement, we have learned how to achieve agreement in the following cases:

 1. When we have compound subjects linked using the words and and or (nor).

 2. When the subject and the verb are widely separated.

 3. When the subject is formed using indefinite pronouns.

 4. When collective nouns form the subject.


Exercise: Keeping the above rules in mind, correct the errors in subject-verb agreement in the following paragraph. Keep in mind that you may come across a case that we have not covered. Even so, using the knowledge you’ve gained, make an educated attempt to correct all agreement problems.

There’s many good reasons for staying fit. The loss of strength, flexibility, and endurance that result from lack of exercise are very compelling factors, but everyone who joins the many health clubs in this city have individual reasons as well. The people I talk with says appearance or weight loss are their big motivation for working out. No one among the two hundred patrons of a local health club were there for the social aspects of the place, according to my poll. Either daily aerobics or weightlifting was what they wanted from their club, and the intensity of the workouts were clear evidence that they were serious. The manager of the club, along with all the members of his staff, were very careful to point out that supervised exercise is essential for best results, but neither he nor his workers was in favour of fad diets or sweat programs.