Tips to Prepare you for your Writing Course This Semester

It is the start of another semester at most Universities and Colleges. New opportunities to learn and to show what you have learned through papers and exams will be given to you. It is only the second week of class but already you are forming habits. You are making decisions about whether or not you will do your readings. You are making decisions about whether or not to attend class and if you do attend, whether or not you will pay attention and be open to learning.

1. ATTITUDE FOR SUCCESS – Attitude is an indicator of ability. It doesn’t have to be. That is because you yourself decide what you will feel and how you will approach the day and its events, but poor attitude towards studies will cripple you so that you are unable to learn.

YOU CAN DO IT. You alone decide what you will accomplish. Are you going to study? Are you going to attend class? Are you going to learn all you can from the teacher so that you can have the skills needed for your career?


In writing, as in other subjects, your willingness to take the instruction and review it will impact your ability to learn. Doing the readings and attending the class will certainly help you, but reviewing your notes will make you the master of the material. Is your attitude set positively? I can do anything? It is really the truth – you can do anything you want to do and apply yourself to do.

3. GO TO CLASS! –  Attending class lectures and  LABS if they are a part of the class will assure that you complete assignments on or before their due dates. Skipping out will lead to falling behind. Take notes. If your teacher is writing on the board – you should be writing in your notebook or typing on your laptop. Most likely the teacher has posted the notes to Blackboard or CLEW or whatever Educational Assistant Communication host your school offers. You should take notes anyway. Do you know the more ways you take information in – the more likely you are to remember it?

4. QUESTIONS? Is there some part of the information you didn’t understand but were afraid to ask for help with in front of others? Jot the question down and speak with your professor either privately after class or during his/her office hours. You should try to gain the confidence to ask your question – if you have that question – probably others do also. If there isn’t time in class, the teacher will speak with you outside of class.

5. REWARD YOURSELF – You will probably like this part best. Give yourself a reward that you set for completing your tasks. You studied or read your chapters – give yourself a reward. It could be whatever you believe is valuable.

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