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Tips on Building Your Resume

April 12, 2013

Most students either have secured a summer job or in the process of doing so. A good resume is necessary to help you do this. I will be going over a basic resume and some tips on improving yours. Please update your resume. Do not hand in a resume that does not include your current school or employment.

Contact Information: You must give your contact information. Include both phone number and email. Avoid weird email addresses. Keep it professional.


Mickey M. Mouse

123 Easy Street

Windsor, Ontario

N9A 3L9

(519) 123-4456

Overview of skills or summary of skills: Include a summary of your education; What have you studied? what have you learned? also, include a summary of what you have learned or accomplished in your work experience.



  • Managed a team of 5 employees
  • Responsible for hiring emplyees
  • Made bank deposits
  • Teaching and mentoring experience
  • Utilized accounting software
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office: Word, Publisher, Power point, Excel

Summary of personal Skills or personal qualities: Include characteristics about yourself that make you an excellent candidate.



  • Punctual
  • Quick learner
  • Can work well independently or with a team
  • Able to multitask

Education: Include your educational experience – MOST RECENT to least recent. Note that since you are still a student, you should emphasize your current graduation date.



September 2007-        University of Windsor

present                               Bachelor of Science: Computer science

Spring 2011                Expected graduation date

September 2003 –       St Clair College: Computer Networking

June 2007                    achieved graduation diploma

September 2003 –       Holy Names High School

June 2007                      achieved High school Diploma

Employment experience: Put your work experience most recent to least recent. If you were a student in Ontario for high school, you have 40 hours community service. Create a special section for this – Volunteer Experience



Summer 2007             City of Windsor

Parks and Recreation Supervisor

Duties [choose one or more categories: duties, skills accomplishments]:  Teaching games and crafts to 8 – 20 inner city elementary school children

Manager of two supervisor assistants

training of employees

Summer 2006             St ClairCollege

Summer Day Camp for Kids Employee

Duties: Teaching games and crafts to  15 elementary school children

organized lesson plans


September 2004 –       St. Christopher’s School

June 2007                    Leader of the computer club

  • Authored class material
  • Taught computer classes to children

Awards: List any awards you have won – most recent to least recent. If you have none – leave it out.

AWARDS       [name all awards academic or sports]

2007                            John J. Smith Scholarship

Holy NamesHigh School

2006                            Knight of Excellence Award

Holy Name sHigh School

2006                            Perfect Attendance Award

HolyNamesHigh School

Languages: If you are fluent in more than just English – certainly mention this in your resume.

LANGUAGES:           Written and spoken [ If it is just English don’t put it]

English and French

Certificates: If you have any special certificates – certainly list them. Put the name and date of them.

CERTIFICATES”       Bronze Medal swimming 2006


CPR                                                2012

Red Cross first aid                    2012

Include 3 References. Use Professors or former employers. You must ask their permission before using them. Only use those who will give you a good reference.


Dr. Martin Short

Department of Computer Science

University of Windsor                       253-3000

Ms. Virginia Long

Dean of Academics

St. Clair College                     966-1656         Ext. 1234

Ms. Mabel Rightstuff

City of Windsor

Parks and Recreation             123-2504

Transfer Credits: Doing your Part

April 3, 2013

Many students complete studies at one college or one university and later either do further studies or decide to switch programs. If you have taken some similar courses and have obtained an A, B or C you may be eligible for a transfer credit – this means you would not have to take the similar course at your present academic institution. To help speed up the process, first look up your transcripts – assure that in fact you have obtained an A, B or C.

Next, you must find out who the coordinator or department head is of your current school. He/she will need the following from you:

Your old course code and the name of the college or university you attended. This is essential in the decision making process.

If you have an outline of the course – bring it or send it to the coordinator or department head. A comparison of outlines must be made by this person. The objectives of the course as well as evaluation sections will be compared.

If you do not have an outline – get the course code and give it to the decision maker (it will be on your transcripts). If the two courses are similar, you will have to help fill out a form and your official transcripts will be required.

This will help you in the process of applying for a transfer credit. Some institutions have transfer agreements with other colleges and universities so that the decision is very clear.

TIPS: a technical writing course is equivalent to a technical writing course

a business writing course is equivalent to a business writing course

an essay course is equivalent to an essay writing course

a grammar course is equivalent to a grammar course

a literature course is equivalent to a literature course