Transfer Credits: Doing your Part

Many students complete studies at one college or one university and later either do further studies or decide to switch programs. If you have taken some similar courses and have obtained an A, B or C you may be eligible for a transfer credit – this means you would not have to take the similar course at your present academic institution. To help speed up the process, first look up your transcripts – assure that in fact you have obtained an A, B or C.

Next, you must find out who the coordinator or department head is of your current school. He/she will need the following from you:

Your old course code and the name of the college or university you attended. This is essential in the decision making process.

If you have an outline of the course – bring it or send it to the coordinator or department head. A comparison of outlines must be made by this person. The objectives of the course as well as evaluation sections will be compared.

If you do not have an outline – get the course code and give it to the decision maker (it will be on your transcripts). If the two courses are similar, you will have to help fill out a form and your official transcripts will be required.

This will help you in the process of applying for a transfer credit. Some institutions have transfer agreements with other colleges and universities so that the decision is very clear.

TIPS: a technical writing course is equivalent to a technical writing course

a business writing course is equivalent to a business writing course

an essay course is equivalent to an essay writing course

a grammar course is equivalent to a grammar course

a literature course is equivalent to a literature course


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