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The Closing of a Semester but Do Your Best

April 22, 2015

Yes it is true – it is not how you start the race alone but how you finish as well.

Although it is the end of the semester, it does not mean that you can’t still try to do your best – even if you made errors throughout the semester.

If you are missing assignments, be honest with yourself and with your professor. Explain why you did not comnplete them and ask for mercy. Ask that you may still complete them even if you lose marks. If there was a true need such as medical or other personal need that caused you to not attend or not complete assignments, present proof to your professor. Don’t do it in front of others. Speak with him or her priovately. It ius always worth the effort.

EXAMS – tips on exams can vary

Multiple choice tips

1. Read the question. highlight or underline key words (usually verbs). They will help you determine the answer.

2. Try to answer the question without looking at the answers given. Chgances are, you will either for sure know the answer, or it is an area you had to study more.

3. Process of elimination. Eliminate any answers you know can not be true.

4. Check for any clues in the verb or sentence that might give away the correct answer.

5. Be sure to only choose one clear answer. If you choose more than one, you will receive zero.

Short answer

1. First find out if it must be sentence format or not. SAome subjects such as English require it almost always but others do not necessarily. If you can use point form jot down as many point form ideas as possible. If the question says minimum 5 points – give as many as possible – even exceeding the total. The professor may reward you for part marks or possibly bonus marks.

2. If it is sentence form only, jot down all your points on the back of the test paper and then organize them. Create sentences accordingly.


It is important to draw an outline before you begin. Decide on a thesis or purpose statement first. Create at least 3 main points with specifics or examples (minimum 3 proofs or sub points per main point). If scrap paper is not given to you, compose the outline on the back of the test paper. Remeber to include more thasn what is sufficient should you want to obtain an A.

Study. Study. Study

1. Make notes for yourself.

For terms you must memorize, jot dowsn one point on a card or piece of paper.

You may have many cards or pieces of paper, depending on how much you must memorize.

2. Read the notes out loud so you can hear your own voice with the correct answer.

3. Get a friend or family member to ask you the questions so you can practice your answers.

You can do it! It is not too late to give your best effort!