Kind Words on Purpose

Communicating for everyday life is different from academic writing in several ways. Usually I speak of academic  writing because most of the writing I read or comment on is academic. However, there is a type of communication that we do everyday that I would like to speak of: purposely communicating for clarity and with kind regards.

Here is the key though. If you do this for any selfish reason or any ulterior motive – it will not have the same effect. I am saying the words you speak will surely have an effect on people. Sincerity in speech can either be detected by others immediately or eventually. For instance, some people can sense if you are insincere immediately; others not at first, but eventually any other motive will be found out. You have to actually sow positive words to be kind and caring – not for any other purpose.

What? Use a term like kind regards to people who text ” c u soon?” I want to encourage you, no matter what age to write with that courteous care shining through your writing. This could apply to several types of people.

1. Teachers – For instance let me start with me – a teacher. Rather than simply mark errors on the page a kind comment or a positive comment can make a difference in what the student thinks about his or her writing or even more profoundly himself or herself. Teachers words can give students hope or just the opposite if we do not purposely add some positive.  Good idea, well-developed, excellent essay.

2. Students to friends – This may not seem to be the trend but how about adding some kind words to your friend in your text messages or emails? Even in your chats – they would be a positive element that you give to your friend that could dramatically influence the day.

Often we use social media to chat or communicate but how about adding ” Thanx 4 b’in there” or something similar. I would add “Thanks for being there. You are a good friend”. But you get the idea – plant positive words to show you value your friend – not because you have to, not because it is expected of you or for any other reason than you showing that friend you value him or her. I am asking you to try planting positive words to express your care for others.

3. People at work – This includes the management or the coworkers or those you supervise. How about adding some words like ” That was an excellent report.” or ” You did that so well. Thanks for taking care of that.” or ” I hope you have an awesome day”. These seemingly insignificant words release a positive “vibe” – I literally mean you can speak life into the atmosphere of your work place by adding kind words to your co-workers.

4. Parents – It may not seem like much to thank your parents regularly. Often we take them for granted. Believe me, those words of thanksgiving can truly release joy in your parents. Most parents love their children so much they would lay down their lives for them. In fact most do only we don’t notice it because they do it continuously day after day – one moment after another.

Each time your mum lets you have the last slice of pie or your dad gives you an extra 20 dollars – it is only a token of their love for you. No, I am not trying to be overly mushy or sentimental. A brief email or text to let them know you care,  an extra hug with an “I love you” or a phone call (if you are not near) that says “I wanted to hear your voice – to let you know I am thinking about you.” Kind words such as these make parents beam with joy.

5. Clerks and salespeople – Yes they are hired to do the job they are doing. They get paid for it, but it is important that we remain polite and courteous with all people. Greeting them with a smile and a polite ” please help me” shows that you care about his or her worth. Thanking them for helping you is also important. It isn’t always easy to do when you are in a hurry or if it is really busy, but kind words, even brief can make a difference in how those people view their day. A word of encouragement on purpose can lighten a busy day.

6. Students to Teachers and Professors – This almost never occurs. You know you look forward to that teacher’s class. That person is positive; he or she is teaching you; you are learning; you are gaining skills that will not only help you in school but in life itself. all too often we do not thank these people. I am not just saying it because I am a teacher. The truth is I myself realized value of my teachers – some immediately and I gave them a gift or a card. Others, long after they had taught me. It came to me that if that teacher had not taught me that information, I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing. It is at those moments, you should write a letter – brief or not – it could be a card. Thank the person. It doesn’t have to be long. It doesn’t have to be mushy. It must be sincere.

Kind words spoken to others will always return to you in kindness from others.


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