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Words Impact Lives

September 25, 2015

Words are extrememly important. The words we speak to others can inspire, give hope, encourage and build up. The words we speak can also scare, threaten, discourage and tear down. Words express the flow of our hearts. I don’t mean the literal heart organ but the self within. What you believe and how you think comes out of your mouth in the form of words to others and yourself.

By talking with a person only a short duration, we can determine their prime concerns, their attitudes, their beliefs.

Words spoken to peers

We should care about our peers, caring for their well being. Our words should convey care and concern and rejoice with them in their victories and stand strong beside them in their trials. A word of comfort given to someone who is not well can have a lasting impact. Words of caring or affirmation such as “I love you” “You are a good friend” things that are heart- felt and sincere can encourage and comfort those we care about. It should be a regular part of our speech to those close to us. Expressions of value, care and thankfulness build a person up and strengthen them.

Words spoken by those in authority

Words spoken from teachers or pastors or other authority figures are so important. Because of their position of authority, the people who speak these words can impact a person for life. This can be very positive, but if the person has spoken negative words – they must be blasted at and rendered powerless on purpose. Unfortunately, those with the most authority over us can change how we view our own selves. If a teacher says ” You can’t do that.” The student will most likely believe it and it will cause a nasty hardness that is self doubt in that area and perhaps others because of it. I have spoken with many young people who have been scarred by words a teacher has spoken. Unfortunately, they believe the teacher’s word and kind of give up on that area. They don’t even try or they try expecting to fail.

Expectation and outcome

Please know that if you want to succeed at anything, you must believe you can. If you do not believe you can, you won’t. Our human will is a strong force. With our will set on success, we can overcome terrible obstacles. For instance, currently their are thousands of refugees trying to escape war torn countries believing in peaceful places for themseves and their families. This belief causes hope to rise up within them, giving them strength to overcome barriers of cold and heat, hunger and thirst, perils in crossing oceans and land. They abandon all of their former lives hoping for a place of peace for themselves and their families.

Such strength is also primary in world class athletes such a Olypians or National or International sports heroes. They visualize their victories before they obtain them. They believe they can do it. Even local sorts teams have a pep ralley before engarging in sporting events. The pep ralley is to stirr up the teams into focussing on victory. You can not be an excellent athlete if you do not focus on victory and speak to yourself and to your team mates with care. If someone messes up or makes an error – words such as “Shake it off” or “You’ll get the next one”. cause the person to recover their strength and continue to try his or her best.

Contrary, I have literally been in a National football game where if an error was made by the home team, the home team fans “Booed and razzed their team”. This has an effect of diving a team and causing more errors to occur. Rather than cause correction, it causes anger, discouragement and other nagative feelings among the same team. A team is stong only in that they care for each other and build each other up and with a single effort as a single unit overcome with victory.

As an exercise in improving your relationships with loved ones, family, friends, peers, teammates, think about how you youself could say kind and caring words to the person. It could be about what he or she has done or is doing. It could be about something you shared together. Kinds words sown always bring a harvest. You speak good about somebody and it releases the force of unconditional love in that person’s life. It causes that person to feel encouraged. Kind words about somebody to others, travels. Instead of being part of a gossip train – become part of an encouraging train – speak words of positive affirmation about your colleagues, your peers, your loved ones.