Types of Learners

There are different types of learners. Not all people learn the same. The traditional school classroom is really geared towards Visual learners. These are people who see and remember what they see. Often notes are shown on the blackboard or white board or powerpoint slides. But all students are not necessarily strong visual learners. Some students do not learn in this way ands should learn strategies to help them with school. also, teachers should be aware of the different types of learners in the classroom and present information in a variet of ways. I would highly recommend you assess yourself to determine your strengths as a learner and to also develop strategies in areas not strong. There are several fairly good free learning styles inventories on the Internet. Invest in yourself by finding out more about your strengths and areas you can improve on.

Visual – Visual learners remember what they see. They prefer to see the information in writing. They should ask the teacher to write it for them or they should themselves takes notes. What they see, they will remember. It is essential to utalize this strength. It may mean writing, drawing or snapping photos of presentations. The student may need the teacher to write it on the board or post it on the class website.

Auditory – Auditory learners learn best by hearing the information. Although the explanation may be written, the learner will often ask the teacher for a verbal description; hearing the words helps the student to learn. Literally this person remembers words and mucis etc. They may hear a song once and always remember it. They can learn best by hearing. Taping lectures might be helpful to the learner. Also, reading his or her notes out loud while studying will enhance learning.

Tactile-Kinesthetic – The tactile learner often doodles in class. This person may draw or doodle as the use of his or her hands literally helps the person to learn. I highly recommend this student use highlighters to study from hsi or her notes. Taking notes by writing or typing will help to reinforce what is learned. By holding an onbject and grasping it, it will reinforce learning .It may be a pencil or pen. I could be something soft or of interesting texture. The Kinesthetic learner wants to get up and move around. This person learns best by moving his or her body. One technique to help this learner in a standard class would be to do iscometric exercises such as pressing the feet or hands together or moving his or her leg. While studying, it is helpful to walk around reading your notes and saying them to yourself.

While all people can learn, not all learners are the same.

  1. Discover your learning style prefernces.
  2. Use your strengths.
  3. Use strategies to help you in areas not strong
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