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Scheduling the school year

February 15, 2016


Making a schedule is a starting point for accomplishing your goals in life. Those of you who may be students or have children that are students have some scheduled plans already in place. The school year determines some of our choices. For instance, we are booked during the day with school activities etc. If you are a student, make school a priority since it is what you are doing for certain. Give your best efforts in this aspect. If you are a parent, find out what days are professional devevlopment days for school and also schedule March break.

For your child is not getting high scores, action is necessary in the schedule and also the way in which studying is done. Each day after school schedule 1 hour of home study. If the child has no home work, review the lessons from the day and find out exactly what he or she did at school. Parents reviewing the day’s activities with the students is a way of parent child bonding that is not only helpful for student grades but also for relationship.

I currently do not teach elementary or high school, but I have taught both. Please let me add the importance of you meeting with the teacher at least once during the school year. During those teacher/parent meetings, a strong bond between school and home is reinforced.

Often those brief conversations give the parents much encouragement and sometimes direction. But what if my kids are doing really well? Go anyway. During those conversations ask questions about other aspects of your children that would help you to know leadership strengths or particular traits that would help you to encourage your children int disovering their future employment opportuniities.

Even if you do not know what to say to the teacher – go anyway. Simply state you wanted to meet the teacher and find out what you can do to help your child learn best. Showing up also encourages the teachers that the parents actually do care about their children and also are making an effort to communicate.

During school vacations and days off, try to plan fun activities for and with your kids. I would highly recommend day camp activities as this gives children an opportunity to connect with other children in fun activities. Some day camps also integrate learning experiences in sports, computers, science etc. If possible, plan a fun activity with your child/children during their breaks. It isnt always possible for parents to be with their kids during all of the vacation but even brief parent/child activities build precious memories and add quality to your childrens’ lives.

If your child does sports, get to as many games as you can. If possible, offer to help in any way. The child will always remember your support and encouragement and you will get to know his or her coaches and teammates.

Schedule some one on one with your child or children. They grow up so quickly. Don’t miss the chance to share their lives.





Giving your best

February 5, 2016

It is mid semester where I teach. Students are juggling schedules of work, school, social life etc. I understand that there are many factors, some more demanding than others.

If you are in the midst of a flurry of activity and have a paper or report due, don’t just complete it and hand it in. If it isn’t your best effort, don’t hand it in. I have known the crunch of due dates and pull in several directions as various courses all seem to have assignments due simultaneously. Whether it is for school or work, give your best effort.

It may be easier to change due dates at school; simply speak with your professor; explain that you are swamped with assignments and are feeling overwhelmed and ask for an extra week. If it isn’t possible ask for an extra day or two so that you can not only complete your assignment but also have a chance to proofread it and polish it before you hand it in.

Admit it – If it was your fault in poor planning, admit it. Be truthful. Most professors will relate to you and it is most likely they will be generous and give you your request. Sincerity is the key. If you are lying or insincere, your professors will sense it.

Apologize – Literally learn a lesson from lack of proper time management or procrastination and explain it to your professor.

Accept a penalty – If the professor does not budge from his or her original due date, accept a late penalty but do your best. It would be better to hand in an assignment a day late with your best effort than to hand in a hurried, sloppy piece.

In the work place you must have strong discernment of these matters. If the due date is firm (it usually is in the work place) you must complete the presentation to the best of your ability. It must take priority in your life. You may have to cancel all other plans until the project is completed.

Some due dates in the workplace are more flexable than others. You will have to be wise enough to know if the date is firm or flexible.

Giving your best effort should be emphasized to yourself first – so that you can truly give your best. Also, letting your professors or employer know you want to give your best effort for the class or the job, will most likely give you the space of grace you need to help you complete it with excellence. Never let this happen without reflecting on what you could have done differently so that it could have been completed by the due date.