Is it Social Media or is it Spoken or Written Communication ?

It is more and more common to use electronic sources and digital media than in person contact or connection. Often “tweets” and Face Book replace human interaction. Those teenagers who used to talk on the phone have been replaced by a generation of teens who text message and are attached to their laptops, tablets, phones etc. Digital media is important. It has many positive attributes.


Use Social Media

I highly encourage you to use social media to connect with friends and family and colleagues. It is a good way to communicate, but it does not replace written or spoken communication. It is an excellent and inexpensive way to connect with loved ones or people who share similar ideas. I use it regularly. There are so many social media websites to choose from. Sometimes, minor details someone may not have told me will be posted so I can share in their joys and pray for them should they have a need.

A like on face book is a momentary gush of approval, but a specially written card or note shares your affection and honouring of the person for more than a moment. Literally, you may place your cards on view for several days or a week. I don’t know the etiquette rule on how long cards should be displayed, but I often keep them more than a week.

Don’t Replace Spoken or Written Communication

A handwritten letter is almost never sent anymore. Letter writing was often a way for adults to connect with their adult children and share family photos. Today photos are posted on websites. Truly it is valuable to be able to download a picture of a friend or family member in seconds, but it doesn’t replace the printed photo we want to place in a frame and place in a special place so we can think of the loved one.

Please keep posting your photos and joys and things to pray about. Please also, send a card or make a special attempt to visit to talk face to face.






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