Why You Should Keep a Journal

Journaling is an excellent way to practice your writing and also to catch key ideas and topics you are most interested in. I would recommend keeping a journal for many reasons but for those who want to write stories, books, poems or those who are interested in improving their writing, keeping a journal is essential. It is best to write every day a brief entry, but it is not mandatory,

Keeping a written journal

Ideally an entry would be at least a page or approx 200 words or more. I received my first journal book before I was in my teens. My sister gave it to me as a present. At first my entries were only what I did that day. Later, as I continued writing I began forms orf expression and planning etc. I credit my sister with starting my love for writing because it was the journal that started me writing creatively. You could write about topics that are your priority that day with insight and opinions. My mother kept a journal faithfully. She also recorded history in it. Any events in local or world news she documented. Any events in our lives as a family, she recorded. I have known writers who not only keep a journal for personal insight on current events but also opinions and critiques of movies and books. It is a way to express yourself much like a blog. It can include the days events and your opinions, insights on people, your thoughts and insights.

Digital journal or blog

You could keep an on-line journal in the form of a blog. You would discuss issues important to you and that could be helpful or enjoyed by other people. This digital journaling has both a built-in blessing of being able to share your thoughts and ideas with others. Some people may want their journal to be private so a digital journal is not the way to go. Why should you blog? You are unique. Your opinions and insights matter. You could encourage other people by writing a blog. You should pick an area you are good at or that you care about. For instance if you are in a church group, or a club. You could also blog concerning your work place. You would be communicating with others who share your same experiences.


To stir your creativity in case you don’t know what to write about, search the Internet for creative writing topics. I have used these types of exercises with my students and find they are an excellent starting point for the developing of essays and opinion pieces as well as stories. You could discuss works of art, paintings or sculptures. What is you impression of that piece? Describe your opinion and expression of it. Possibly imagine the origin of the art. You could always write an alternative ending to a story you have read or movie you have seen. You could take your favourite Bible passage and discuss it and its meaning and possibly start a discussion about it.

There are so many people who have a secret desire to “write a book one day”. I don’t know if that includes you but journaling is an excellent way to begin. What you write could be used and developed into your book.

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