Not Sure What You Should be Doing With Your Life?

I get the chance to meet many teenagers and twenty something’s who are in a place in not knowing what they should do with their lives. If I could possibly reach them I would want to share with them these important things. Knowing what you are good at is very important. To determine what skills could help you choose a career you would enjoy, you should do an aptitude test. You can get some on the Internet but I highly recommend you speak with a guidance counsellor at school. They have excellent aptitude tests that are free – but also they will give detailed results.

1.Aptitude Test  – Please , if you have not done one, sign up to do one. It will ask you are series of questions about yourself – example if you like working outside or inside, if you like working with people or alone… It is usually between 50 -100 questions.

The computer will score your completed results and recommend workplace settings and jobs that you would most likely enjoy. The results are detailed. There will be jobs mentioned you may have not even known existed. This is essential to help you see the opportunities. It will also show you what educational path is required to do the job. You can make wiser education choices knowing it is something you want to do.

2. Do your \Research – There is an excellent resource for you to use on a government website: Ontario government of Colleges and Universities

This site will let you search for colleges and universities that offer the program that you ar interested in. Do the aptitude test first – do this next. You will also be able to see the demand for the career and possibility of getting a job in the field. You will also be able to see the approximate salaries in the profession. Further still, you can search the job bank after you’ve completed your education to find jobs in Ontario and Canada.

3. Education – Do not believe the lie that it is not worth investing in your education. There are scholarships and bursaries that you may be eligible for if you have an A average. There are also some College or University entrance scholarships you may be able to get – your guidance counsellor could help you to know about them.

The best scenario is that you have money to go to school because of parents helping you or money you’ve saved by working. Even if you do not have money saved – it is worth it to take a student loan.

4. Invest in yourself – If you must take a student loan and are believing it is not worth it, let me share with you. I took student loans and worked to get through school. I had a debt I had to pay but I thank God I chose to stay in school. I would not have the job I have today if I had not stayed in school. Professional jobs require Diplomas and Degrees.

The chance of getting a job that pays more than minimum wage without post secondary education is not high. For you to be able to succeed, you must invest in yourself. Sometimes there are special bursaries for those showing financial need.

Stay in School. It is the way out of poverty.




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