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Making a Destiny Decision

April 16, 2016

If you are at a place of decision making and not sure on the the direction to go you can do several things. One thing is you can ask your parents or close friends for advice. You should never have close friends who do not respect you and want God’s very best for you. If those around you can not care for your well being, they are not true friends. True friends will never try to get you to do things that are against the law or against God’s Word.

Getting people’s wise advice is good, but the next step is decision making. If it is an important matter such as going for further education or a job or a large purchase, please know that praying is a good thing to do but it must be with wisdom.

First I would say you should create a list of Positives concerning your choice. I would literally write them. Make a list of Minuses or negative aspects should you choose the decision. Finally make a list of Interesting aspects, things that are unique and special to the situation. An educator, Edward DeBono, informs us that if people only make decisions based on positives and negatives, they could in fact miss out on some awesome opportunities. If there are any interesting aspects to the choice, it could influence you to perhaps find creative ways to eliminate the negatives. I have made lists such as these when I was making huge destiny decisions. It wasn’t instead of praying; it was the first thing I did.

Do all you know to do first. Do your best. Next pray about it. Gloria Copeland taught this and it really impacted me – let peace be your Umpire. In a game the Umpire has the final say. Let the Holy Spirit within you help you make wise decisions. Say what you believe you should do out loud. Say in prayer “I believe I should…” and after it say ” Holy Spirit if this is not the way you want me to go, correct me.” The Holy Spirit will always help you. He will give your peace or you will know you should not go in that direction.

Believe that if you do your best and also pray about it, God will lead you into wise decision making.