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The Spheres of your Influence Continued

June 24, 2016

My last blog mentioned the spheres of influence identified by Loren Cunningham and  Bill Bright from Youth With a Mission. These are spheres of society that are possible for us to influence: Family, Religion, Economics, Arts/Media, Government, Education and Business. I believe Health care should be separate to itself because it has such a large sphere of influence.

Do you know what fields you can influence?  You can influence people within your own family so family should be a sphere for most of us. Read through the list and ask God to help you know your place in each of these spheres of influence.

Your career is also a determiner of what influence you have in our culture. The more education and training you get, gives you  more career choices. Career choices determine the people around us. Example, a salesperson meets hundreds or thousands of people. A mayor literally influences thousands or hundreds of thousands of people. A truck driver may influence hundreds of people. The sphere of influence includes those directly working with you – whether they are clients or students or coworkers or managers. Being in a position of authority gives us much responsibility to care for the people we interact with.

Each sphere of influence has a different protocol and terms that are or are no acceptable. We not only should have the academic credentials we should excel in them and also have strong spiritual care for those who are in our lives. Some people you may only meet once; others you may see regularly. What you say, do and how you interact with them matters tremendously.

Knowing the spheres of influence you have is an important step but it is only the beginning of identifying the people groups you associate with. There are clients, students, patients – in a service career. How we treat these people, matters to God. He has intrusted us with a certain responsibility to these people.

You may say I am only a student or I am only a shopkeeper or I am only a plumber. The truth is you influence all those around you either by direct words and actions or indirect words and actions and example.


1 Corninthians 4:

The Spheres of Your Influence

June 4, 2016

2 Timothy 2 ( Bible Gateway)