The Importance of Knowing Your Motivational Spiritual Gifts

The spheres of your influence include where and how you use your spiritual gifts. Knowing your motivational gifts helps you to make wise decisions about your life as well as understand yourself and others in the Body of Christ more. There are three types of gifts: they include ministry gifts (Ephesians 4: Apostles, prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and teachers); motivational gifts and manifestational gifts. I will begin to discuss the motivational gifts because they explain why you like to do the things you do and why you avoid certain things, Often certain characteristics are identified by the participant in the spiritual gifts survey

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

If you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit but don’t pray in tongues everyday, I highly recommend that you begin praying in tongues everyday out loud and with boldness. As you are praying, God is anointing you to pray for your own self and for others the perfect will of God. As you pray in tongues, it releases faith and the giftings of the Spirit so you can flow in the Spirit. What that means is God speaks to you, you understand; you obey and you see healings, miracles, answers to prayer. You live in the Spirit realm; even though you are living on earth – you are living above the ways of the earth.

Spiritual Gifts Inventory

If you have not taken a spiritual gifts inventory, I highly recommend that you do so. Your church may have one it uses. There are several available on line. They ask you questions to help determine your primary motivational gifts. This is essential as these giftings often help to shape the type of person you are and will become. I do not believe any of these are 100% true but they do give you an idea of your main giftings.

Romans 12:

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